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Chinese government cuts power supply to mining farms in Yunnan

The current Bitcoin events should make the heart of every crypto lover beat faster. Current media reports from China could, however, dampen this positive mood somewhat.

Local sources report that the Baoshan authorities want to completely shut down the power supply to the local miners

On November 30th, the Chinese crypto reporter Colin Wu commented on the current situation via Twitter . According to this, the Chinese government issued a ban stating that the power supply for mining farms in Yunnan should be stopped. Wu is of the opinion that this is more about „economic interests“ than about a general ban on crypto mining:

The impact of this incident cannot be overestimated. The attitude of local utilities towards crypto mining changes frequently. It is more of an economic interest demand than political pressure.

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China provides 65 percent of the (assignable) global Bitcoin Bank hash rate . If you calculate this number down to the Yunnan, it comes out that 5.42 percent come from this region. This makes Yunnan the fourth largest mining region in China.

Not the first mining conflict in China

The news comes after Chinese miners complained last month that they could no longer pay their electricity bills . In June 2020, Wu also reported that the Yunnan government closed a total of 64 mining farms after they were suspected of tax evasion. Seven of the closed mining farms were not even completed.

Despite the recent incidents, China is still the global leader in hash rate. However, this could change soon. Due to the tough approach on the part of the government, the local miners are giving more and more shares to other countries. The coming months will show whether this will continue to be the case in the future and whether China will remain at the top of the global market.

Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin: BTC/USD rimane al di sopra di $15.500; i tori stanno lottando per conquistare $16.000 Crucial Level

I tori Bitcoin stanno lavorando duramente per alimentare un trend rialzista dal supporto a 15.000 dollari.

BTC/USD Tendenza a lungo termine: Rialzista (grafico giornaliero)
Livelli chiave:

  • Livelli di resistenza: $17.200, $17.400, $17.600
  • Livelli di supporto: $14.000, $13.800, $13.600
  • BTCUSD – Grafico giornaliero

Bitcoin Up è attualmente in calo dello 0,43% nel corso della giornata. BTC/USD apre la sessione a $15.608 e ora si adegua verso l’alto al valore di mercato prevalente di $16.000. Inoltre, il prezzo del Bitcoin si sta muovendo all’interno del trend rialzista a breve termine in un contesto di bassa volatilità. Nel frattempo, le condizioni attuali implicano che il prezzo potrebbe rimanere in range nei prossimi movimenti, dato che la moneta si muove al di sopra delle medie mobili a 9 e 21 giorni. Allo stesso modo, l’indicatore tecnico RSI (14) rimane all’interno della zona di ipercomprato.

Dove andrà a finire il prezzo di BTC?

All’apertura del mercato oggi, dopo aver testato il minimo di $15.190, BTC/USD è attualmente scambiato a $15.541. Guardando il movimento del mercato, è probabile che la moneta possa sperimentare un rapido ritracciamento se si muove sopra il canale per toccare la resistenza cruciale di $16.000, e i trader potrebbero vedere $15.200 a $15.000 essere testati di nuovo prima di spingere più in alto.

Dal lato negativo, se il mercato decide di scendere, il prezzo del Bitcoin potrebbe scendere al di sotto del livello di supporto di 14.500 dollari, e se tale supporto non riesce a tenere la vendita, i trader potrebbero vedere un ulteriore calo al di sotto del MA di 9 giorni e muoversi verso i livelli di supporto di 14.000, 13.800 dollari, e criticamente 13.600 dollari. Tuttavia, qualsiasi ulteriore movimento rialzista al di sopra del limite superiore del canale potrebbe colpire le resistenze a $17.200, $17.400 e $17.600 rispettivamente.

BTC/USD Trend a medio termine: Rialzista (grafico 4H)

Sul grafico a 4 ore, ci aspettiamo che la moneta guadagni lo slancio perduto e colpisca il trade sopra i 16.000 dollari. Nel frattempo, la volatilità aleggia, e la pressione di vendita esiste ancora, e questo potrebbe far sì che la moneta non riesca a superare il limite superiore del canale. Nel frattempo, i $14.800 e inferiori potrebbero entrare in gioco se BTC si rompe al di sotto delle medie mobili.

BTCUSD – Grafico a 4 ore

Tuttavia, nella misura in cui i compratori rafforzano e alimentano il mercato, i trader possono aspettarsi un retest al livello di resistenza di 15.900 dollari, e la rottura di questo livello può ulteriormente permettere ai tori di raggiungere i 16.200 dollari e oltre. L’RSI (14) è visto trading all’interno del territorio di ipercomprato, il che dimostra che potrebbero verificarsi più segnali rialzisti.

Largest bank in Belarus introduces cryptocurrencies

Another big bank is entering the crypto market.

Belarusbank, the largest financial institution in Belarus, wants to introduce cryptocurrencies

According to a report by the Belarusian news agency Prime Press on November 12, Belarusbank wants to enable its customers to buy cryptocurrencies using a Visa card in the future. As part of the offer, cryptocurrencies can be purchased in exchange for national currencies such as the US dollar, the euro and the Belarusian ruble.

The bank’s management states that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is part of the financial institution’s digitization program that started a few years ago.

The new service will be available to both Belarusian and Russian citizens.

Other countries are to follow at a later date, and the number of available crypto currencies is to be expanded

As stated in the media report, the new service is the result of cooperation between Belarusbank and the Belarusian payment service provider Whitebird. Even before the most recent collaboration, the two companies had already worked on a joint crypto project in 2018.

Belarusbank is one of the first banks in Belarus to show great interest in the crypto market. In 2019, she disclosed that she was planning her own crypto exchange.

The enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies in Belarus is due to crypto-conducive legislation. As previously reported , President Alexander Lukashenko had legalized digital currencies in late 2017.

One of the biggest Bitcoin wallets ($ 955 million) was emptied – Dantesque hack… or leak?

Poof Bitcoin – It’s an extraordinary and mysterious bitcoin movement that just happened on November 3rd. A huge wallet linked to the Silk Road black market and which contained 69,370 BTC has just been completely emptied .

An extraordinary transaction

CipherTrace is a cybersecurity and blockchain transaction monitoring company. On November 3, she spotted an exceptional movement from a Bitcoin wallet (at the address 1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx).

An anonymous has just transferred the 69,370 BTC of this wallet, or more than 955 million dollars , to another address whose owner is also unknown . He first transferred 1 BTC (probably as a test ), before transferring 69,369.

The bitcoins that have been moved are believed to originally come from

Details of the wallet and its nearly $ 1 billion bitcoin transaction

According to CipherTrace, it appears that this transaction was performed „to switch from one address format to another“ . Indeed, the old address is a Legacy / P2PKH address (starting with a „1“ ), while the new address is a Bech32 / P2WPKH address (starting with „bc1q“ ).

A voluntary action or a hack?

While CipherTrace believes this important move may simply have been made to „stay up to date with the Bitcoin network“ , the cybersurveillance company believes there is also a possibility that the wallet was „cracked by hackers . “

Indeed, the existing wallet since 2015 , it is well known to the Darknet hackers , many of whom seem to have tried to access it. It must be said that the BTC in play represents a good sum.

We can also note that, these bitcoins having been deposited well before the successive hard forks of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and BSV , an equivalent quantity of these forked cryptos were also moved to new BCH and BSV addresses a priori specially created for the occasion.

Whether it is the original owner or a hacker, he has very conscientiously transferred this “small change” , which represents respectively 16.3 million and 10 million dollars .

No one knows why this transaction took place or what future this large amount of bitcoins will see. The sulphurous origin of these BTCs remains engraved in the blockchain, however, and it will prove difficult to sell them – in any case quickly, even going through mixing services to confuse the issue.

Bitcoin-hinta väliaikaisesti nousee yli 13 000 dollaria; ETH rikkoo yli 400 dollaria

Bitcoin sai vauhtia nousuun ja nousi 12 500 dollarin tason yläpuolelle tämän päivän alkuistunnoissa. Kuningas-kolikko käytti sitten rahallisesti 13 000 dollaria, kun ostopaine puhkesi edelleen ja jopa vaihdettiin uuteen vuoden alkuun, korkeimpaan 13 250 dollariin.

BTC-hinta on sittemmin korjattu hieman alhaisemmaksi kaupankäyntiin 12 971 dollaria julkaisuhetkellä.

BTC on nähnyt järjettömän määrän päivänsisäistä volatiliteettia viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana kuukausien parhaan hintatoiminnan keskellä.

Asetettuaan uuden kuukausittaisen korkeimman $ 13,250K: n lippulaiva-salaus vetäytyi voimakkaasti saavuttaen futuurialustoilla jopa 12,600 dollaria. Tämä hintatoimi tarkoitti, että BTC oli syöksynyt 600 dollarilla vain kuudessa minuutissa.

Jälleenvetämisen syy ei ole vielä selvä, mutta jotkut analyytikot spekuloivat, että se on saattanut johtua sarjasta pitkäkestoisia futuuripörssejä. Jotkut sijoittajat ovat saattaneet olla kiinni ensimmäisestä eilen nähdystä BTC-piikistä, sitten sitä seuraavasta myyntitapahtumasta.

BTCUSD on nyt onnistunut palauttamaan 4% edellisissä istunnoissa käydäkseen kauppaa hieman alle 13 000 dollarin vastustason. Viimeisintä rallia ruokkivat osittain uutiset siitä, että PayPal tukee kryptovaluuttoja sovelluksessaan ja Venmossa.

Sosiaalisen pääoman toimitusjohtajan Chamath Palihapitiyan mukaan Paypalin muutos pakottaa pankit keskustelemaan BTC: n käyttöönotosta.

BTC-hinnalla on muutama ratkaiseva tuki lähellä $ 12,700 ja $ 12,850. Seuraava merkittävä este omaisuudelle on 13 000 dollarin tasolla.
ETH-hinta muuttuu vihreäksi

ETH varjosti Bitcoinin rallin ja aloitti vahvan nousun yli $ 380 -vastuksen torstai-aamuna. ETHUSD-pari ylitti jopa 385 ja 392 dollarin vastustasot siirtyäkseen edelleen positiiviselle alueelle.

Nouseva suuntaus jatkui, kun härät saivat vauhtia murtautua yli 400 dollarin vastuksen. Uusi kuukausittainen huippu on tällä hetkellä muodostunut, kun ETH-hinta nousee edelleen. Suosittu altcoin on kaupankäynnin kohteena 416 dollaria tämän artikkelin kirjoittamisen jälkeen.

BTC ja Ethereum ovat siirtäneet 2 biljoonan dollarin arvon vuonna 2020

Ketjussa olevan data-analyysiyrityksen Messarin mukaan BTC ja ETH ovat siirtäneet tänä vuonna noin 2 biljoonan dollarin yhdistetyn arvon.

Bitcoin- ja Ethereum-siirrot ovat nyt saavuttaneet uuden kaikkien aikojen korkeimman arvon, koska molempien markkinoiden yhteisarvo on noin 200 miljardia dollaria kuukaudessa. Tämä luku on merkittävä vielä syntymässä oleville kryptovaluutoille ja osoittaa omaisuusluokan lisääntyvän käyttöönoton.

Lisäksi luotettavien solmujen tiedot viittaavat käyttäjien ja käyttötapausten ilmiömäiseen kasvuun ETH-lohkoketjussa. Tämän seurauksena ETH on ohittanut BTC: n tänä kesänä päivittäisissä arvonsiirroissa, jotka ovat nousseet 7 miljardiin dollariin päivässä, kun taas BTC on edelleen 3 miljardia dollaria.

Blokker 21 Bitcoin Art Piece selger for $ 131,250

Blokk 21, et kunstverk med en del av den opprinnelige Bitcoin- kildekoden, har solgt for $ 131,250 hos Christie’s, og hentet mer enn syv ganger estimatet. Maleriet, med full tittel ‚Block 21 (42.36433 ° N, -71.26189 ° E), er en av en samling på 40 i Portrait of a Mind-serien av kunstneren Robert Alice, og ble auksjonert bort sammen med et ikke-fungibelt symbol. (NFT) onsdag kveld.

Portrett av en Mind Honors Bitcoin

Portrait of a Mind er Alice’s hyllest til Bitcoin , med 12,3 millioner sifre som utgjorde lanseringskoden håndmalt over dem i 24 karat gullblad. De 40 maleriene når over 50 meter i lengde, og hver av dem betyr en fysisk plassering som Alice sier er viktig for Bitcoins historie. Hvert maleri representerer en blokk, med blokk 21 valgt av Alice som stykket som skal auksjoneres sammen med NFT.

Den geografiske plasseringen som Alice’s stykke viser, er Brandeis Theatre Company-bygningen i Brandeis University-komplekset. Selve teatret ser ikke ut til å ha noen tilknytning til Bitcoin, med mindre du vurderer det faktum at forkortelsen for Brandeis Theatre Company er BTC.

Blokk 21 setter NFT verdensrekord

Block 21 er den første slik auksjonen av Christie’s i sin 253-årige historie, med salget som markerer en verdensrekord for en NFT. Auksjonshuset har vist interesse for blockchain-teknologi i kunst siden det holdt en ‚Art + Tech Summit – Exploring Blockchain‘ paneldiskusjon i 2018, og i auksjonering av Alice’s arbeid har de tydeligvis gjort godt for deres interesse.

O gráfico mais louco em Crypto mostra bilhões de dólares destinados ao Bitcoin, diz o analista de topo

Um analista de criptografia líder diz que a rápida expansão de um dos maiores ativos digitais por limite de mercado é um sinal notavelmente alto para a Bitcoin.

O analista altamente citado, conhecido no setor como Filbfilb, diz que o aumento de US$ 10,9 bilhões do Tether (USDT) em 2020 sugere que os comerciantes estão armazenando seu capital na moeda estável em dólar enquanto se preparam para comprar o BTC.

O analista observa que a expansão do USDT – que tem aumentado desde a queda do mercado relacionado ao coronavírus em março – precedeu historicamente o aumento do preço do Bitcoin. E Tether expandiu maciçamente somente no último mês, diz ele.

„Desde 30 de agosto, a expansão do USDT foi de US$ 5 bilhões – isto é [um] aumento de 50%… CINQUENTA – que 50% é maior do que o limite ENTIRE USDT que levou o BTC a US$ 14k da última vez… E o preço retraiu-se desde então em c. 10%. Eu não subscrevo as conspirações Tether, mas subscrevo a oferta e a demanda.

Este tem que ser o gráfico mais louco em criptografia neste momento. A correlação positiva da expansão do Tether / valorização do BTC em 2019 foi bastante positiva. Em 2020, Tether expandiu de US$ 4,1 bilhões para US$ 15 bilhões – FIFTEEN.

Há pouco a sugerir que a expansão constante é para muito mais do que [para] implantar na criptografia – ou diretamente para adquirir fundos, ou para fornecer liquidez lateral longa para fazer uso das taxas de financiamento atraentes. O dólar é fraco, por isso também não acredito nisso“.

O analista diz que a Tether dá ao mercado „poder de fogo“ para melhorar, assumindo que o mercado global em geral não colapse. Ele diz que a expansão de Tether é alta, embora „talvez não seja hora de correr ainda“.

Em sua mais recente atualização do mercado Bitcoin Code, no entanto, Filbfilb diz que o Bitcoin provavelmente verá um movimento sólido de preços dentro de uma semana, prevendo um possível aumento para pelo menos US$ 11.500.

„Permanecemos cautelosamente otimistas com o Bitcoin tendo visto sinais de resistência ao nível de 10 mil dólares pela primeira vez desde 2019 e, sem dúvida, é mais forte agora do que naquela época, onde vimos o nível eventualmente ceder. Um movimento forte está em andamento e é provável que ocorra dentro dos próximos 7 dias“.

Le prix du Bitcoin passe à 11200 $, à quoi s’attendre?

Le prix du Bitcoin dépasse 11000 $ et reste fort.

Bitcoin parvient à rester à flot en battant la volatilité du marché.

Bitcoin connaîtra probablement un recul avant de se stabiliser au-dessus de 11000 dollars

La ligne de prix Bitcoin a bondi vers le niveau de prix de 11120 $ le 19 septembre. Les analystes de la crypto sur Trading View s’attendent à ce que le roi de la crypto-monnaie augmente vers le niveau de 11300 $, à la suite d’un recul des prix de courte durée.

La crypto-monnaie observée au plus haut du jour de 11167,07 $, tandis que le plus bas de la journée était marqué à 10818,83 $. Bitcoin était au prix de 11041,90 dollars américains sur Bitstamp au moment de la rédaction de cet article.

À quoi s’attendre du prix BTC?

L’analyste de Trading View, Trading Guru, estime que la paire BTCUSD augmentera vers le niveau de 11200 $ après avoir observé un recul. L’analyste a mis en évidence un canal parallèle ascendant, expliquant que le prix de la crypto-monnaie risque toujours de tomber vers la barre des 10800 dollars. C’est là que se trouve la limite inférieure du canal ascendant. La crypto-monnaie devrait augmenter pour atteindre le niveau de 11200 $.

L’analyste a suggéré que les traders qui souhaitent négocier à un niveau de risque faible devraient quitter le commerce à la poche dorée, près de la marque de retracement de 0,618 de Fibonacci. Quant aux traders à haut risque, ils devraient attendre et sortir juste en dessous d’un niveau horizontal de la résistance horizontale de 12000 $ ou 12500 $.

Quelle est la prochaine étape pour Bitcoin?

L’analyste de Trading View, Mudrex, estime que le prix du BTC devrait bientôt connaître une tendance à la hausse. L’analyste a tiré son analyse technique de la paire de négociation BTCUSD sur son graphique à 1 jour. Le roi de la crypto-monnaie a une capitalisation boursière de 202 milliards de dollars.

Le prix du BTC a observé des sommets plus bas tandis que les bandes de Bollinger semblent se resserrer. Cela signifie que la crypto-monnaie connaîtra une tendance à la hausse continue. Le volume des échanges pour la paire BTCUSD a vu plus de bougies vertes que de rouges dans un passé récent. Cela suggère un volume accru pour les bougies vertes et une diminution du volume pour les bougies rouges, ce qui signifie que la pression de vente s’est affaiblie. Le prix BTC est passé au-dessus de la ligne médiane et le prix devrait encore augmenter dans les graphiques.

L’indicateur technique MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) suggère un biais haussier pour le roi de la crypto-monnaie. La ligne MACD a dépassé la ligne de signal et la taille de l’histogramme a été observée augmentant dans la région positive de l’échelle. L’indice de force relative (RSI) est resté dans la zone neutre avec une valeur de 52,00, ne représentant ainsi aucune occurrence de survente ou de surachat de la pièce.

9 beste Casino-Spiele für Android im Jahr 2020

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Backwards Friday? Bitcoin’s largest mining consortium sends 800 BTC to Binance

Bitcoin (BTC) may have recovered to USD 11,700, but miners could soon cause prices to fall, the data warns.

In an August 14 update, the CryptoQuant chain monitoring resource identified a spike in the output of mining groups.

The BTC Price: CryptoQuant Expects a „Small Setback

After remaining stable this month, the outflows from the mining groups have started to grow, with 802 BTC in aggregate flows recorded by CryptoQuant on Friday.

Describing the event as „unusual“ in an automated alert, CryptoQuant noted that if the Bitcoin leaving the groups was sent to an exchange, sales pressure could increase rapidly, driving the price down.

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Another possibility is that an over-the-counter transaction popular in China, where there are many major mining consortia, would avoid negative price impacts.

In this case, 800 BTCs from Poolin – responsible for most of the BTC recently mined in recent days – ended up in Binance.

„I’m expecting a small setback,“ CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju commented on Twitter.

In comments to Cointelegraph, Ki equated the BTC shipment to approximately one week of activity for Poolin.

„They mined 147 blocks this week, and the average Bitcoin Storm for the block reward is 6.25. So that’s about what they were mining per week,“ he summarized.

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Miners‘ income cancels out the impact of halving
The financial health of the miners has returned in recent weeks, with earnings returning to pre-halving levels in April.

The halving reduced supply dramatically, fuelling anticipation of major institutional purchases that will drive price performance even further this month.

Previously, a basket of factors had persuaded analysts at Cointelegraph Markets to double the bullish sentiment.

On Thursday, filbfilb highlighted technical and macro signals that were pointing upwards, including a rebound for „highly correlated“ gold and silver.

„We are still in an uptrend, so I should be leaning towards the upside,“ he told his Telegram subscribers.

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